Bomb proofing, sacking out, de-spooking, sensory training, desensitization...No matter what you call it, what we do here at Bentson Sensory Training is to help you gain control of your horse, build confidence and develop mutual respect. The more confidence and respect you get from your horse, the safer you both will be. Nobody wants to be on a horse that decides he is too scared or worried to respond to his rider's cues. Working through obstacles can help you learn to read your horse's body language and recognize resistance. Recognizing resistance is the first step to controlling your horse and helping him through a variety of situations.

The experience and process of completing a sensory training course may help you learn to anticipate and control your horse's flight response. However, this doesn't mean that you should simply take your horse into an arena full of scary or loud objects and "blow him up!" Rather, the opposite is true. By using mounted patrol techniques and training methods, you can introduce your horse in a calculated manner to many types of stimuli. The goal with each obstacle is to approach, assess and overcome it.

Teaching your horse to appreciate your leadership and decision making will help to build a strong relationship. Understanding how your horse views and assesses obstacles and new situations will help you assist him in overcoming his anxiety. In addition, you will learn to trust your horse's decision making skills and watch as he builds his own confidence in his abilities. We frequently see horses that were initially timid, "come out of their shells" and be the strong horse that other horses follow. This characteristic makes for a strong, safe, and sane partner for both trail riding and competition. No matter what your chosen discipline is, sensory training can help build a strong and lasting partnership with your horse.